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When can we view the house and will all 3 of us need to be there?

You can make an appointment for a no-obligation viewing at any time that suits you. This means we can find a time that suits all of you, as it is best to have everyone there for a viewing. I will show you around the house where you will be able to talk to the current tenants and get some inside information about the house and me as a landlord.

Will we all be able to have a TV in our bedrooms?

Yes, every room in all of my student houses has a TV point supplying a high-quality digital signal that comes from a digital TV aerial on the roof and a state of the art TV distribution system. In addition, the cost of a TV license is covered in the all-inclusive package.

What is included in the all-inclusive package?

The all-inclusive package means you have no bills to pay. The scheme covers Water Rates, TV Licence, Electric & Gas Supplies, Broadband Internet and Council Tax (Full-time students living in private accommodation occupied solely by students are exempt from paying council tax. Any unused allowance for electricity & gas is refunded at the end of the tenancy!

What about parking?

If you are in need of parking at your student house Leicestershire County Council is responsible for the administration of Residents' Parking Schemes in Charnwood Borough. Residents are guaranteed one permit per property at a cost of £50 for 12 months and additional permits can be applied for and are issued subject to availability. For further details of where the Residents' Parking schemes are, how they operate and how to apply for a permit please go to the Parking Permits page on the Leicestershire County Council website. Less

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