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What type of tenancy agreement will we be signing?

You will be signing an Assured Shorthold Tenancy as defined in Section 20 of the Housing Act 1988, view a sample contract. The tenancy will run from 1st of July for 12 months. You will all sign two copies of the same tenancy agreement as joint tenants and your parent or guardian will need to provide a guarantee for payment.

Will we all be able to connect to the internet in our rooms?

Yes, every room in each of our student houses has an Ethernet point hard wired to a local area network ready for connection to a high speed modem or wireless router. All you are required to do is decide on the service provider you would like to go with and what broadband connection you want. For larger houses of 5+ people we recommend getting a stronger connection to ensure everyone is fully connected.

What do we have to pay prior to the start of the tenancy?

There is no signing fee for any of our Loughborough student houses so you have nothing to pay until July when your tenancy begins. To confirm your reservation for a student house you will each need to sign a tenancy agreement at the start of the tenancy and pay a security deposit of £250 per tenant.

What about recycling and waste with such a big house?

Charnwood has an alternate weekly collection of recycling and waste. To find out when your recycling and waste collections are going to be, visit my.charnwood.gov.uk and enter your address. Less

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