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The Top 5 Student Pubs Near Loughborough University

 Moving away from home to university can bring about a whole new world of opportunities, from learning to live on your own, trying new things, making friends and typically lots of trips to the local pub. Whilst your studies are the most important element of the university experience, the nightlife is a big part of university culture, with most students spending their time in and out of the pub.  Loughborough is the perfect central location for a night out on the town. The market town allows for easy access to entertainment nightlife and the neighbouring cities of Leicester and Nottingham. Whether you are a fresher looking for your new local or a third-year trying to make your way through Loughborough’s finest pubs, bars and clubs before graduation, there’s something for every Loughborough student.    The Top 5 Student Pubs Near Loughborough University      Loughborough Students’ Union   Loughborough’s student union is one of the biggest and best in the UK. The union is unique amongst other UK universities, as the premises are owned by the students themselves. With its own pizzeria, club, pub and bar, you can’t go wrong with a night out at Loughborough’s Student Union. Much of the union is open […]

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Managing Money

Financial Experts Reveal Their Top Tips for Managing Money at University

For most students, going to university will be your first real experience of living independently. But although it’s generally smooth sailing for most students, there are often some teething issues – especially when it comes to finances! You’ve suddenly got a big chunk of money in the form of your student loan, and it’s very tempting to blow it all in the first few weeks of the semester and leave yourself destitute. This New Year, we’re sure many students want to get a better grip on their finances. Whether it’s Fresher’s Week regret, a worryingly large overdraft, or just the feeling that you seriously need a budget, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got in touch with 14 experts on money and student life, and have asked them to share their top tips and insights on managing money whilst at university. From better planned food shops, to managing bank accounts, and planning student budgets, these tips cover everything you need to know. Take a look below and read through all their fantastic suggestions. Camille Dupont | Head of Creatives at www.thenationalstudent.com “Write down what you spend so that you can see exactly where your money goes. And actually do check your bank […]

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The Most Instagrammed UK University Library

While we all know that getting a great degree, meeting new people, and bettering ourselves is the main goal of going to university, it would be naive to think the experience doesn’t also add to our social lives and to our social media. In fact, from tagging your university campus in that sunset pic to tagging your student halls in your pre-drinks selfie going to uni can do wonders for your social media. This raises an important question, which university has the most picture-worthy libraries? In a quest to find out which UK university library is the most picture-perfect, we have taken to Instagram to identify how many hashtags each library has on the app. The Top 35 UK University Libraries We found that, to no surprise, the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries are the most Instagrammable uni library with over 2800 tags. Oxford University’s campus and grounds are well known for their impressive beauty and if you got into Oxford, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to show it off. The University of Surrey takes 2nd place with over 2,250 tags, followed by Cambridge at 3rd place, the University of Manchester at 4th with over 1,500 tags, and the […]

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Which UK City Learned The Most During Lockdown

2020 saw the UK join a third of the world’s population in a lockdown due to Coronavirus. Lockdown was announced on the 23rd of March in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus and resulted in 8.9 million workers being furloughed in the UK and a record number of people working from home. During the lockdown, a large number of people in the UK used this time to improve their skill set or find a new hobby. By looking at Google Search Trends data, we have measured the massive increase in searches for terms We used the data gathered to find out which UK city learnt the most during lockdown. Unsurprisingly, London is ranking high on the list, but it’s Birmingham taking the lead with a score of 287. London, Leeds and Manchester follow in second, third and fourth position. The value given is based on a higher proportion of all searches, instead of a higher search count. So a city with a smaller population where 80% of the searches were for “online courses” will get a higher score than a city with a larger population where only 40% of searches were for “online courses”. This explains […]

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tips for viewing student houses

A Useful Guide to Viewing Student Houses

Get on top of the things you need to look out for when choosing your student accommodation and ensure you bag the perfect student house for next year, with our Useful Guide to Viewing Student Houses.

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How to Nail Christmas on a Student Budget

Get yourself to the top of Santa’s Nice List this Christmas with these thoughtful gift ideas to help you nail Christmas without going broke!

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Beat the January Rush – XMAS100 Prize Draw

Keep Calm and Book a Viewing – arrange a viewing with us before you go home for Christmas and we’ll enter you into our prize draw to win a £100 AMAZON voucher!

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Student Tips: 5 Ways To Stay Warm Without Blasting The Heating

Well, it seems the cold weather is upon us, which means it’s time to get smart with your energy usage!

These tips will help you stay snug as a bug during the cold snap without paying through the nose when the utility bill lands on the mat!

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