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The Most Instagrammed UK University Library

While we all know that getting a great degree, meeting new people, and bettering ourselves is the main goal of going to university, it would be naive to think the experience doesn’t also add to our social lives and to our social media. In fact, from tagging your university campus in that sunset pic to tagging your student halls in your pre-drinks selfie going to uni can do wonders for your social media. This raises an important question, which university has the most picture-worthy libraries? In a quest to find out which UK university library is the most picture-perfect, we have taken to Instagram to identify how many hashtags each library has on the app. The Top 35 UK University Libraries We found that, to no surprise, the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries are the most Instagrammable uni library with over 2800 tags. Oxford University’s campus and grounds are well known for their impressive beauty and if you got into Oxford, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to show it off. The University of Surrey takes 2nd place with over 2,250 tags, followed by Cambridge at 3rd place, the University of Manchester at 4th with over 1,500 tags, and the […]

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Top New Year’s Resolutions For Students

2019 has begun and with it comes the ‘business end’ of the academic year! So, what resolutions are you making this New Year?!

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Keep Calm & Finish That Essay – Assignment Writing Tips

Deadlines are looming, assignment writing stress is high, panic stations across campus are well and truly manned… I think an ‘Assignment Writing Stress Buster’ is in order…

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Crackers do not a filling meal make!

4 Filling Meals To Make When The Cupboards Are Bare

Even if your fridge is completely bare, chances are you’ve still got a few sundries lining the cupboards which means you can probably make at least one of these 4 filling meals.

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Top Tips for Food Shopping on a Student Budget

When it comes to cutting back on your spending, your food shop isn’t really something that can be skipped or sacrificed—sorry, but we all gotta eat! But that doesn’t mean that your weekly budget should be blown on the food shop either. With a few little adjustments, some planning, and a bit of savvy shopping you could save yourself a packet on your grocery spend.

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How To Unlock Your Inner Calm During Exam Season

January exam season is in full swing and there may be a few of you out there feeling a little stressed. But before you go all incredible hulk on your housemates and friends, take a moment to digest our guide to unlocking your inner calm during exam season…

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4 Steps To Writing The Perfect CV

Have you started looking at potential jobs for when you graduate university? Or are you stuck on how to put together a good CV so that you have better chances of getting an interview? Putting the perfect CV together can seem like a difficult, long-winded task, but it’s something you can compile bit by bit with a little help! Use this step-to-step guide to work through each aspect of your CV and you’ll have a great looking document.

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The Best Revision Tips

With the Christmas holiday over and the New Year underway, many students across the country will now begin their preparation for up and coming exams towards the end of the academic year! Worried that time is going to fly by and you won’t have done enough revision?

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