What Is The Loughborough Golden Triangle?

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Ever heard other students talking about the Loughborough Golden Triangle and wondered what on earth they were going on about? Well, wonder no more…


If you’re looking for a student house in Loughborough then there are just three rules — location, location, location.

At Loughborough uni, location means an area known as the Golden Triangle.


What is the Loughborough Golden Triangle?



Put simply, the Golden Triangle is a highly sought-after area of student housing in Loughborough, situated roughly halfway between the university campus and the town centre.

The best student houses in Loughborough are located in the Golden Triangle making it the hottest student living spot, which means the competition for houses can be fierce!


Where is the Loughborough Golden Triangle?


Where is the Loughborough Golden Triangle | Andrew Chell Student Homes

The Loughborough Golden Triangle consists of a roughly triangular shaped area dissected by the Ashby Road (between the Carillon Court Shopping Centre and Rosebery Way), with its uppermost point fixed at the corner of Derby Road and Station Street.

As we may have already mentioned, it’s seriously premier league — less than 10 minutes walk from campus and town in either direction, with a huge Sainsbury’s and an array of decent pubs and shops all just an amble away.

The hospital is also within walking distance, which you (or your parents) may find a comfort — especially if you don’t have a car.


How can I get a student house in the Loughborough Golden Triangle?



Simply put, the Loughborough Golden Triangle is the place to be. It’s buzzing with student life and any student would give their right arm to bag a decent student house in this area.

Luckily for you, all of our houses are located within the Golden Triangle and we pride ourselves on providing first rate accommodation, that is fully furnished, with all white goods, including a dishwasher!

We think students are professionals-in-waiting, so why should their housing requirements be any different? Why should students be happy with second rate?

We work hard to make each and every one of our houses the very best house in the street, with an emphasis on providing a comfortable home, rather than just somewhere to live.


So, if you’re looking to find your happy student house in Loughborough’s Golden Triangle, then look no further! Check out our Next Steps page to find out how easy it is to rent one of our amazing, 5-star student rated houses or give us call to discuss your needs: 07769 684 800


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