How to Nail Christmas on a Student Budget

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Get yourself to the top of Santa’s Nice List this Christmas with these thoughtful gift ideas to help you nail Christmas without going broke!


So we blinked and it’s December… Coursework handed in, end of term exams out the way, ‘housie’ Christmas dinner all done and dusted; time to pack up all your washing and take it home to your parents – Merry Christmas!

As most of you head off home for the holidays you’ll probably be looking to get your Christmas shopping out of the way (or maybe you’re a Christmas Eve dasher – each to their own), either way, Christmas can get pretty stressful for students when it comes to the present buying bit.

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty clever ways that students have nailed Christmas with a really tight budget, so here’s a handful of our faves to help inspire you!


Bake Something



Not all of us are blessed with the gift of being able to bake (and bake well), but if you are, exploiting this talent at Christmas is a MUST!

Rustling up some lovely Christmas treats and gifting them to your family and friends will always win Christmas.

Yummy, thoughtful, wrapped in a bow… and all with a tiny price tag.


Make Something



For anyone that isn’t such a dab-hand with a mixing bowl but is a whizz with a pair of knitting needles or a glue-gun, why not make your gifts?

There are tonnes of ideas out there for putting together homemade gifts; from knitwear, candles and toiletries, to framed prints, textiles and DIY cocktail kits.

There’s something to be made for everyone in the family… including your Doctor Who obsessed cousin!


Fake Something



So, you’re neither a King in the kitchen nor a crafting Queen?! What are you going to do… Fake it!

Can’t bake the cakes? No worries. Just gather all the ingredients you need to make a cupcake, pop them in a glass jar and voila: ‘Cupcake Gift Kit’.

Can’t sew to save your life? No matter. Grab a roll of thread, some material, a needle (and whatever else you need to make a cushion cover), find a free printable pattern, pop it in a nice little gift bag and boom: ‘Sew Your Own Cushion Kit’.

There are loads of DIY gifts that you can make that don’t require you to be a super talented crafting, baking, sewing, knitting genius!!


Give The Gift Of YOU!



Don’t forget that Christmas actually isn’t all about the presents…

The likelihood is that all your parents, family and friends really want for Christmas is to spend some quality time with you while you’re back home, so give the gift of yourself this Christmas!

Offer your help with the Christmas prep and take the time to really talk to your family and catch up… That’s what Christmas is really about!


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