CASHBACK Terms & Conditions

  • Cashback offer is only available on new deals agreed in February 2020 and on selected houses as identified on our website.

  • To qualify for £100 cashback per housemate, the Tenancy Agreement must have been signed-up by 29th February 2020. Example: a qualifying 6-bed house will receive £600 CASHBACK.

  • Cashback can be claimed as either hard cash / BACS payment or as a £2 per housemate per week reduction on the rent advertised on our website [equates to £104 rent saving per housemate for a 52-week tenancy].

  • If hard cash / BACS option is claimed, the payment will be made within 5 working days of the Tenancy Agreement having been signed-up; for hard cash payments, claimants will be required to sign a receipt.