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Going to university is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit daunting for many students too. For a lot of people, heading off to university is their first taste of independence away from the family home. That means managing a tight budget, paying bills and rent on time, and shopping and cooking for themselves for the first time.

Here at Andrew Chell Premier Student Housing we can help eliminate those worries by making your house search easy. Our student housing in Loughborough is in great locations, and kitted out with all the furniture you need to make Loughborough feel like your home away from home.  However, sorting out your meal plans and budgeting for food is another matter!

Although we can’t come and cook you meals every evening, we’d love to help make this part of your university transition easier, so we’ve done our research. We bring you, our  top 40 best food blogs for students on a tight budget. 


Whether you’re looking for tips on cooking and eating as cheaply as possible, general tips for living a frugal life, or blogs that will help you to really up your game in the kitchen, you’ll find it all here in this definitive list.

1. Student Eats

Student Eats is a great hub of hundreds of recipes, all designed with students in mind. The majority of the recipes you’ll find here are low cost and easy to prepare on a student budget. You’ll find recipes including stir frys, healthy recipes and all the different pasta meals to keep you feeling full during those long study evenings with your friends. Many of these recipes are great for sharing so why not host a dinner party with your housemates to help you all settle in?

Best for:

Quick and easy food

2. Full-Thyme Student

Full Thyme Student is specifically aimed at students who are on a tight budget and need some culinary inspiration. It’s easy to navigate, allowing you to browse different categories including microwave recipes in a mug, vegetarian and seafood dishes. Even though you may find yourself short on money during your time at university, there's no reason you can't still cook yourself exciting meals in the evening. Follow this guide to cheap eats and you’ll be cooking up a storm.

Best for:

Variety to keep you engaged in the kitchen

3. The Student Food Project

The mission of The Student Food Project is to provide students with recipes and resources to encourage them to cook their own food from fresh ingredients. The site features recipes grouped by breakfasts, lunch, dinner and deserts, for easy navigation. Great for lunch and dinners, The Student Food Project caters for it all. Why not try cooking up double batches to freeze, this can save you time and money the next time you’re in a rush in the evening.

Best for:

Easy recipes to get you fed and full in a time crunch

4. Student Recipes

This site was set up in 2004 by James Bailey during his first year at university, and no one knows what it's like to live on a student budget quite like a fellow student! Student Recipes aims to collate cheap and easy meals for students with few culinary skills. It’s so easy to navigate, with recipes being grouped according to a number of different things, perfect if you are after some inspiration in the kitchen.

Best for:

Ease of navigation and tasty recipes to keep you full!

5. Well Plated

A food blog for students, made by students. Well Plated was created by Erin in 2012 when her husband was a Law student. She was looking for ways to create delicious food that was easy to prepare and budget-friendly, perfect for the student life style. All of Erins recipes are organised by categories, including slow cooker, soups and stews, and sweet treats.

Best for:

Healthy eating on a student friendly budget

6. Half Baked Harvest

Wholesome recipes made with real ingredients is what you’ll find over at Half Baked Harvest. From cosy comfort foods, to healthier desserts, Half Baked Harvest can help you to cook and eat local produce that is in season. This is a great tip for students to help keep your grocery costs down, without compromising on the quality of your home cooked meals. Best for: Cooking quality meals full of in season produce

Best for:

Cooking in season

7. I am a good Blog

Over at I am a good blog you will find a wide variety of recipes ranging from simple to more advanced for even the most nervous cooks out there. You’ll find cuisines to suit all tastes, from Vietnamese and Indonesian Instant Pot Recipes, to cheap and easy pizza toast ideas and pasta recipes with a twist including the TikTok famous baked feta and tomato pasta that went viral for all the right reasons.

Best for:

International cuisine to keep you on your toes in the kitchen

8. Graceful Little Honey Bee

This blog is primarily aimed at helping families to feed themselves for less, but the recipes and frugal living tips will also be useful to students too. If you’re looking for cheap and tasty recipes that are easy to make, you’ll find it on Graceful Little Honey Bee.

Best for:

Slow cooker recipes that won’t break the bank

9. Budget Bytes

If you’re looking for delicious meals that are easy to prepare and easy on the purse strings, this is the blog for you! Cooking on a student budget doesn’t have to mean beans on toast and instant noodles; Budget Bytes will help you prepare quick, healthy, and cheap meals. Recipes include Tuna Patties and One Pot Meals.

Best for:

Quick and healthy meals on a low budget

10. Good Cheap Eats

Good Cheap Eats, run by mum-of-six Jessica, aims to feed her large brood good food as cheaply as possible. No one knows how to cook on a budget as well as mums do, so listen up! Whilst not directly aimed at students, this blog is a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking for healthy, tasty recipes that won’t break the bank. Some of the delicious, budget-friendly recipes you can find at Good Cheap Eats include Chicken Burrito Bowls and Pesto Pasta Salads.

Best for:

Batch cooking to save time and money

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