Deciding Who To Live With In Your Second Year

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To avoid stress and heartache, when you are choosing who to live with, it’s worth considering the following…


• Differences in lifestyles can lead to tensions even if you’re living with your best mates. Compromise is vital for everyone’s sake, and sharing a house means sharing bills and housework as well as space.

• What are your priorities? Think about what are the most important traits in a housemate; is it someone who’s tidy, fun, a good cook or doing a similar course?

• How much privacy do you need? Some people will happily never close their bedroom door, whilst others really value their own space and possessions. By working this out before you move somewhere you can prevent a lot of tension.

• What are your bad habits? Everyone – including you – has different habits and tastes. You need to make sure you recognise this, and learn to be tolerant.

• Early bird or late owl? You might want to think about whether you mind what time people go to sleep and wake up as a factor in your compatibility as housemates.

• Be honest about your interests and what you want out of a housemate, it’s better to not live with a friend who’s not going to be a compatible housemate, then risk ruining a friendship


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