DIY Halloween Costumes For Students

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As the end of October races towards us at lightning speed, there’s only one thing on our minds… Halloween!


As far as student nights out go, Halloween is pretty much the holy grail of fancy dress and we can pretty much guarantee that your socials over the next couple of weeks will be Halloween themed.

With that in mind, we thought we’d pull together some of our favourite Halloween costume ideas that we’ve seen over the years to help you get prepared. And the best part is, most of them cost next to nothing.



Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Students


Zombie Halloween Costume


Basically, all you need for this is some fake blood and face paint. You can use any old clothes that you don’t really wear anymore and hack them up a bit. Throw some fake blood spatter on them and you’ve got the basics of a zombie costume.

The thing you probably want to spend a little more time on is the face paint. There are tonnes of video tutorials out there, but we think this one is pretty awesome to look at and also really cheap to recreate.


Day of the Dead Halloween Costume


Again, all you really need for this is a little time, some face painting skills and a trip to the charity shop (unless you’re going for the mariachi, in which case you might need to buy a costume or at least a hat!)


Billy from Saw Halloween Costume


Billy, the puppet from the Saw movies, is a pretty creepy character, but also a relatively simple costume to do for Halloween. If you’ve got a white shirt, some black trousers, and jacket you’re pretty much set. You might need to invest in a red bow tie (though you can definitely make one out of paper) and maybe some black hairspray and you’re done.

Then, it’s just a case of busting out those face painting skills again!


Crafty DIY Halloween Costumes


If you like to consider yourself a bit of a craft whizz and don’t mind a challenge, then maybe some of these more creative ideas are up your street. And the best part is, most of these can be done with a cardboard box or two and some paint…


The Mystery Machine DIY Costume


This is a pretty cool idea, and could easily be adapted into a group costume if there are enough of you to recreate the entire Scooby gang, and maybe even a few ghosts and ghouls too!


Grapes DIY Costume


One for the jokers that don’t like to take themselves too seriously…


Skeleton DIY Costume


This is a nice little crafty costume that just requires a bit of colouring in…

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DIY Halloween Costumes for Groups


If you’re looking for some cool, cheap and also pretty funny ideas for group costumes this Halloween, then YouTuber Alisha Marie has definitely got your back!

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