Livin’ It Lufbra Series: Revision, Revision, Revision

Revision tips to help you succeed

It’s that time of year again. Exams are in full swing and there’s just one thing on the agenda… Revision!


Well, it’s here. Exam and deadline season is upon us. Hands up who’s NOT ready?!

Despite the best of intentions, there’s probably at least one piece of revision you’ve been avoiding. So, to help you get started we thought we’d pull together some of the best revision tips and tricks we’ve seen… (mostly on Pinterest!)


Index Cards & Post-its


Index card holders are great for making revision notes, and collating them into easy, flippable packs is easy.

You can even go wild and add the odd Post-it note to make them look pretty!






Foldable Revision Cards


Foldable revision cards

These foldable revision cards are pretty nifty, and perfect for subjects that have a lot of formulas, equations or acronyms to memorise.

There’re tonnes of variations out there, so go wild!






revision notesIt’s all About the Sections


Breaking up your revision notes into sections can help you digest information in bite size chunks.

This particular example includes a ‘cue column’ where you can note keywords and facts and a summary section to help you find the information you need quickly.


Colour Coding is Key


Colour coding your revision is a great way to help you pick out specific bits of important information, at a glance later. Break down your revision into key areas, i.e. dates, authors, key facts, and assign a colour to each area.


Get Fancy With Sketch Notes


If you’re the artistic type, sketching your notes might help you absorb the information better than if you’re just reading from a text book.

A bit like mind mapping, sketch notes offer a different dimension to your revision, and a recent study in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that sketching out words or concepts helped students remember them better.




If all this talk of revision and note is starting to make you feel a little overwhelmed, don’t worry… There’s plenty going on to help you ‘Keep Calm’ and power through over the next few days.


Keep Calm Events & Activities


The Loughborough Students Union have got your back during exam season with a host of Keep Calm Events!

From Monday 23rd May until Friday 3rd June, the LSU Exec will have stalls dotted around campus supporting students with lots of fun freebies and opportunities to de-stress over the exam and deadline period

Check out some of the other highlights and offerings during ‘Keep Calm’ below (full listings available on the LSU Welfare and Diversity pages).


Craft Room


Arts and crafts are great stress relievers

Your opportunity to chill out with some friends and make your very own ‘stress jars’ amongst many other relaxing activities.

When: Tuesday 24th May, 10am-12pm // Thursday 26th May, 10am-12pm // Wednesday 1st June, 1-3pm // Friday 3rd June, 10am-2pm

Where: LSU, Dance Studio (upstairs)




Pooch Petting


Who doesn’t love petting a pooch when they’re feeling stressed?

Who doesn’t love petting a pooch when they’re feeling stressed?

For all you dog lovers out there, the pooch petting sessions are the perfect antidote to exam and revision stress.

When: Friday 27th May, 2-5pm // Wednesday 1st June, 10am-12pm // Friday 3rd June, 2-5pm

Where: LSU, Dance Studio (upstairs)






Tea & Talk


Everything seems better after a good cup of tea

Everything seems better after a good cup of tea

Sometimes all your need is a nice cup of tea and good chat to destress

and reset ready for the next revision session. 

When: Wednesday 25th May, 1-3pm // Wednesday 1st June, 1-3pm

Where: LSU, Welfare Office (upstairs) // LSU, Dance Studio (upstairs)





Martial Arts Taster Sessions


Nothing like giving something a good pummeling to relive some exam tension

Nothing like giving something a good pummeling to relive some exam tension

Take a break from your revision and have a go at Boxing, Kickboxing or Taekwondo. It’s bound to relieve some of your exam and deadline stress!

When: Tuesday 24th May, 3-4.30pm (Boxing) // Thursday 26th May, 3-4.30pm (Kickboxing) // Friday 3rd June, 3-4.30pm (Taekwondo)

Where: Martial Arts Centre (above Powerbase Gym in the Performance Centre)








Destresstival with HeadsUp and LSU Welfare & Diversity

Destresstival with HeadsUp and LSU Welfare & Diversity

Join HeadsUp and LSU Welfare & Diversity and spend an afternoon relaxing and enjoying the (hopefully) good weather. There’ll be a range of activities designed to relieve your stress and chill you out.

When: Wednesday 1st June, 11am-4pm

Where: Union Lawn





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