Mental Health at University: The Facts and Figures

looking after your mental health at university
Mental Health at University

Discover the facts and figures behind mental health at university.

University’s meant to be the time of your life, but it’s also one that involves a lot of sudden change. Starting life in a new city, making new friends and living independently for the first time can be challenging for any student. Combined with the high pressure of coursework and exams, these factors can be a recipe for stress, anxiety and other mental health problems.

It’s no surprise then that an increasing number of students are struggling with their mental health whilst at university. At least 1 in 4 students (Source) have experienced mental health difficulties while studying, with some research suggesting that this number could be as high as 8 in 10 (Source). And the problem seems to be getting worse – between 2009 and 2015, the number of university students dropping out due to mental health problems trebled (Source) and university counselling services are increasingly struggling to cope with the demand for treatment. It’s reached the point where some have termed it a mental health crisis.

The causes of mental health issues are varied, with underlying conditions often brought to the surface by the stress of university. Moving away from home to a strange new place, university level workloads and worries about money can all be factors that trigger anxiety and depression, the most common mental health problems experienced by students. At uni, you’re faced with all of these at once.

In order to understand this mental health crisis better, we’ve put together this infographic to show you the facts and figures, the main causes of stress, as well as some simple ways to improve your mental health whilst studying.

Mental Health at University

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