Money Saving Tips Every Student Needs!

Money saving tips for student | Andrew Chell Student Homes

Every student needs a helping hand every now and again, especially when it comes to money! Check out our top money saving tips to help you manage your money better now that you’re a student…


Set A Weekly Budget


Getting your first student loan through is an exciting thing and the money will be sure to be burning a hole in your pocket, but be careful; if you overspend too early you will endure money problems until your next loan comes through!

Be sure to come up with a budget plan so that your money lasts longer, and your fun doesn’t come to a sudden end when your bank account is empty!


Get A Student Discount Card

NUS extra card | Andrew Chell Student Homes

Get yourself an NUS card as soon as you can! It may cost £12, but it will allow you to save in a large number of retailers for a whole year.

It also includes 10% off Co-op groceries at a fair few stores which is handy if you live near one. You will be eligible for discounts of around 10-20% (sometimes 50%) on ASOS and Amazon, and also in places such as Odeon, Superdrug, McDonalds, and loads more. So we reckon it’s probably worth the £12!

You can apply online via the NUS website where they will also supply you with a fill list of NUS Extra discounts.


Make The Most Of Online Discounts


Online discounts | Andrew Chell Student Homes

In this day and age, people spend more than enough time surfing the web, whether it’s for a specific reason or due to boredom. So check out online student discounts every now and again to continue your money saving fun!

Websites like Student Beans and are good sites to check out regularly.


Invest In A 16-25 Railcard


16-25 railcard | Andrew Chell Student Homes

Depending on how far you’ve moved away, travelling back home to see friends and family can be costly; not to mention making trips to many other cities to visit your friends at different universities.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of travelling, getting a 16-25 railcard is another worthwhile investment. Just make sure you get your NUS card FIRST as you can save money on your railcard purchase with NUS Extra. Double bonus!!


Plan Your Meals


Plan your meals | Andrew Chell Student Homes

The temptation to grab food here and there is one many students and young professionals struggle with; being so busy that you end up going to supermarkets or eating out daily.

So, always try to plan your meals for the week. To make it cheaper ask your flatmates if they’d like to join in on your plan — that way you can take it in turns to cook and bulk buying food is always cheaper.

It could also mean lunches come easier as you may have some leftovers from the night before. Tasty!


Buy Non-Branded Food


Market stall | Andrew Chell Student Homes

Yes, this food can look less glamorous than the fancy packaging of the more expensive goods, but it’s a huge way to save money on your weekly shop.

As well as applying this to food, also use it for toiletries and the all important hangover cure, paracetamol!

Branded medicines usually have a much high price tag than supermarket own brand, while their content is exactly the same (seriously, check the box!)


Have Drinks At Home


Drink at home | Andrew Chell Student Homes

This tip is not to promote drinking, just to advise on making nights out slightly easier and more affordable!

‘Pre-drinks’ are a great way of saving money on your regular nights out, especially during Freshers. Your nearest supermarket will always offer a better price on alcohol than any student bar. Please drink responsibly.


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