Should You Have Another Drink? [Flowchart]

Should you have another drink?
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You know the feeling. Whether you’re out at a club, drinking at a friend’s or just chilling in a beer garden somewhere, many of us have had to answer that age old question “Should I have another drink?” Perhaps you’re a bit tipsy and worried that the next drink will take you over the precipice into full-blown drunk, or maybe you’ve got a 9am lecture and you’re just not sure if that fifth pint is going to leave you with a raging hangover. Either way, it’s never an easy decision (especially if you’re already well on your way to smashed and your friend wants tequila).

Well fortunately, we’ve put together this handy and 100% reliable (well, ish) flowchart to help you decide whether or not having that next drink is really a good idea. We’ve taken into account all those crucial factors to figure out just how drunk you are, and more importantly, how drunk you can afford to get, including your openness to having a jagerbomb (always a bad idea) and where your hangovers are on a scale from non-existent to “oh my god I’m dying.”

Simply start at the top and work your way down to determine your fate.

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P.S This is not actual medical advice and we are not encouraging excessive drinking. (So don’t blame us for whatever happens on your next night out…)

Facts On Drinking & Getting Drunk

We’ve also put together this mini infographic looking at three interesting stats behind getting drunk, and the reasons behind them. Take a look below. 

Facts about drinking

How often do students get drunk?

It’s also interesting to see that students on the whole are getting drunk a lot less than many people think. Despite the stereotypes of constant boozing and partying, less than 1 in 5 students get drunk more than once a week, compared to 40% who report being drunk less than weekly. Take a look at the graph below: 


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