Student “Moving In” Essentials – What NOT To Forget When Packing For Uni

Student moving in essentials

As a new university student, preparing for your first major move away from home can feel pretty daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.


No doubt you’re super excited to be heading off to uni. For many of you, it’ll be your first time moving away from home, and while that’s pretty exciting, it can also be a little scary.

It’s totally normal to feel a little daunted by the prospect, especially since the idea of packing sends most people into a cold sweat!

Try not to panic.

Easier said than done, we know, but with a little time and effort planning your packing and making sure you’ve got the basics for your move to uni, you’ll be on your way to settling in, in no time.

That’s why we’ve created our Student Moving In Essentials infographic. Designed to give every new student a quick fire guide on what not to forget when packing for uni, our infographic will help take the stress out of uni packing and give you a headstart with settling into student life!


Student Moving In Essentials

The Essentials & Personal Belongings


Let’s face it, none of you are likely to forget your phone, clothes or your favourite teddy, but there are a bunch of other essentials that you really should put at the top of the ‘not to forget’ list.

Stuff like bedding, your laptop, notebooks and pens, basic kitchen utensils and toiletries are all things that can easily be forgotten.

Kitchen Basics –

Most halls of residence don’t provide kitchen items so make sure you’ve got the bare essentials. Stuff to cook in, something to eat off and things to eat with!

Bedroom Bits –

Remember, you’re not moving into a hotel! Halls of residence might resemble one, but you’ll definitely need to take bed sheets, pillows and towels (and yes, you’ll have to make your own bed too, sorry!)

Study Essentials –

After all, studying is the whole point of going to uni right?! Make sure you’ve got a couple of USB sticks, a notebook or 12 and A LOT of pens. We guarantee that you’ll go through pens like nothing else in your first semester.


Important Documents


There are a few important documents that you should bring with you to help enrollment, and all manner of other sign-ups, go as smoothly as possible.

Stuff like your university acceptance letter, student loan confirmation and accommodation documents are all vital for a seamless move day.

Also, ID. Bring lots of ID and as many passport photos as you can get your hands on. You’ll need them for all sorts of things, so better to have too many than not enough!


Basic Cupboard Stocks


We’re not talking a monthly shop here, but having the cupboard essentials as soon as you arrive is a really good idea. Stuff that will last and you won’t need to buy again for a while, but also stuff you will definitely need.

We’re talking coffee, tea, sugar, salt & pepper, herbs & spices, tins & cans and dried goods like rice and pasta.


Laundry Detergent


Last but not least, don’t forget that you will need to wash your clothes! Make sure you’ve got a decent supply of laundry detergent and fabric softener (if you use it).

Out top bit of advice on this score — take the same brand(s) that you use at home to avoid any nasty surprises by changing your detergent, especially if you have sensitive skin!


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