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Which UK City Learned The Most During Lockdown

2020 saw the UK join a third of the world’s population in a lockdown due to Coronavirus. Lockdown was announced on the 23rd of March in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus and resulted in 8.9 million workers being furloughed in the UK and a record number of people working from home. During the lockdown, a large number of people in the UK used this time to improve their skill set or find a new hobby. By looking at Google Search Trends data, we have measured the massive increase in searches for terms We used the data gathered to find out which UK city learnt the most during lockdown. Unsurprisingly, London is ranking high on the list, but it’s Birmingham taking the lead with a score of 287. London, Leeds and Manchester follow in second, third and fourth position. The value given is based on a higher proportion of all searches, instead of a higher search count. So a city with a smaller population where 80% of the searches were for “online courses” will get a higher score than a city with a larger population where only 40% of searches were for “online courses”. This explains […]

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