5 Tips To Help You Nail Mother’s Day Without Breaking The Bank

shopping on a student budget

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday 11th March 2018), so here are a few little tips to help you win the favourite child award this year!


Let’s face it, there’s no one quite like your mum.

No one’s cooking is ever going to be quite as good as your mum’s, no one can ever quite get the towels as warm and fluffy as the ones at home, and when it comes to being poorly, having a cuddle with your mum is the only medicine you’ll ever need!

While I’m sure you’d all love to lavish your mother’s with all the wonderful gifts and treats they deserve, as a student you need to be realistic about your budget… As the saying goes, “Mother’s day shopping is hard when your mum deserves her own private island but all you can afford is a candle!”

But with a little thought and planning, you can really pull out all the stops to make Mum feel super special and show her just how much you appreciate her, without breaking the bank.


Make Something Original


Heart Crayon


This could be a CD mix of all her favourite songs, a homemade card or something more extravagant.

Whatever your craft level, your mum will love it — after all, she kept all those pictures that you drew when you were little right?!



 DIY Pamper Session Kit


Home spa


You might not be able to send your mum off for a weekend at a top spa, but you can definitely throw together a little DIY pamper session that she can do at home.

Grab yourself a box and fill it with a mix of treats and gifts for a relaxing and indulgent home spa session. Babble has some great ideas to help you put together a good pamper box.



Bake Or Cook Her Favourite Food


Home cooking


They do say that the way to a loved one’s heart is through their stomach!

Whipping up some homemade cakes or taking the time to cook a meal for your mum on Mother’s Day is another cheap gift option that’ll go a long way.

If you can’t be there on the day itself, why not whip up some sturdy bakes (biscuits or cupcakes work well) and pop them in the post for a sweet treat for your mum to unwrap on Mother’s Day morning?!



 Don’t Just Send Flowers – Pick Them Yourself


Hand picked flowers


For sure, flowers are a Mother’s Day staple, but it’d be nice to mix it up a bit right?! So, before you go out and grab the same bunch of flowers that you bought last year, why not go and pick your own?

Whether it’s from your own garden or out in the countryside, hand-picked flowers are both beautiful and sentimental, the perfect heartfelt touch that’s sure to bring a tear to your mum’s eye this Mother’s Day.

NOTE: Make sure that the flowers you are picking are in a wild location and not on council or otherwise protected land! Any flowers growing in council parks, town/village displays, roundabouts or roadside verges, nature reserves and community gardens are off limits!



Presence, Not Presents


Flowers + photos


Ok, so it might not be feasible for every student to just pop home for the day, but for those that live close enough, being there to surprise your mum on Mother’s Day will be present enough — better than any card or bunch of flowers you could send in the post!

For those that can’t make the journey home, just taking the time to call your mum on Mother’s Day will mean a lot. Better still get yourself on skype and surprise your mum with something a little different, bound to make her day extra special this year!


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