7 Common House Hunting Pitfalls Every Student Should Avoid

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Bag the perfect house for next year with the minimal amount of stress by avoiding these seven common student house hunting mistakes!


There’re a lot of things to think about when you’re deciding on your Loughborough student accommodation, but house hunting doesn’t have to be stressful!

Avoid the following seven common student house hunting pitfalls and you’ll be laughing…


Pitfall 1: Not Caring Who You Live With



Not taking the time to really consider who you’re going to live with next year is a common mistake that lots of students make.

Most assume that shacking up with friends is the way to go when in reality this can somethings be a huge mistake.

Remember, you are going to be LIVING with these people for an entire year so it pays to consider their interests, their schedule and even their course.

All of these things will have an impact on your compatibility as housemates.


Pitfall 2: Leaving Your House Hunting until the Last Minute



Another fatal mistake that students make is to leave their house-hunting until the last minute.

While it takes time to settle into uni and form those friendship and housemates groups, it pays to start thinking about where you’re going to live, early.

Most of the good student houses in Loughborough get snapped up quickly, often before the end of the first term and certainly within the first month or two back after the Christmas break!

So make sure you don’t leave it too long before considering your housing options for next year.


Pitfall 3: Letting One of Your Future Housemates Do All the Work



Some students opt for a laissez-faire attitude to house hunting, letting one of their other housemates take the lead on finding a student property.

While it’s true that too many cooks can spoil the broth, when it comes to deciding on a shared student house, it’s important that everyone is involved in the house hunting process to ensure that you find a property that is suitable for everyone.


Pitfall 4: Not Checking the Local Area



This is another error that many students make. While it might not seem all that important to you, the surrounding area where you live can make a real difference to your quality of life whilst at University.

Try to think about what’s important to you.

Do you want/need parking nearby? Would you rather be closer to a bus stop? Is there a corner shop or local amenities for those nights when you run out of the essentials and you NEED them?


Pitfall 5: Taking the Landlord’s Word for It



Most of us are programmed to be pretty trusting of others but when it comes to finding your student house, sometimes it pays to be a sceptic.

Simply taking a landlords word on good faith can lead to problems down the road, so make sure you get things clarified if something seems too good to be true.

Also, if possible, always try and talk to previous tenants or look for tenant reviews/testimonials on the landlord’s website or facebook page.


Pitfall 6: Not Asking Questions



No question is a stupid question, the only stupid thing is NOT to ask any questions!

Any landlord that is worth your rent money will be more than happy to answer any questions you have — so make sure you have a list ready!


Pitfall 7: Not Reading the Tenancy Agreement



Finally, make sure you READ the tenancy agreement BEFORE you sign it. You don’t want to find any nasty surprises in there once the deed has already been done.

Don’t forget, Loughborough University offers a free tenancy agreement checking service, so if you’re not sure what you should be looking for, make good use of this before you commit pen to paper on any student property.


For more advice and guidance to help you find the perfect student house for next year, check out our Useful Guide to Viewing Student Houses Infographic.

We’re happy to help answer any of your househunting questions – contact us today!


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