Why Live in a Shared Student House in Loughborough?

why live in a shared student house

There’s a bunch of different student housing options to consider after living in Halls—in this post, we’re going to explore why you should live in a shared student house while you’re at Loughborough Uni.



Deciding on the best type of student accommodation to live in while you’re at uni can be tough. With so many different options, it can be difficult to decide on the best type of accommodation for you.

After living in Halls, many students crave a bit more space and freedom—a shared student house in Loughborough’s Golden Triangle is the perfect solution! Here’s why…


Loughborough’s Golden Triangle Is THE Place to Be!


Where is the Loughborough Golden Triangle | Andrew Chell Student Homes

Loughborough’s Golden Triangle – Student Living Area


When it comes to finding the perfect shared student house in Loughborough, there are just 3 rules: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

In Loughborough, the most highly sort after student living area is known as the ‘Golden Triangle’, and this is where you’ll find all of the best shared student houses.

Situated exactly halfway between the university campus and Loughborough town centre, it’s not hard to see why it’s deemed to be such prime student real estate!

Being less than 10 minutes walk from either location, the Loughborough Golden Triangle is the ONLY place you want to live while you’re at uni—surrounded by fellow students, with a huge supermarket close by, as well as decent pubs and shopping… What more could you ask for?!


Student Houses Have More Space



Let’s face it, Halls can be a little cramped, especially for those of us that are used to a bedroom with a double bed!

Moving out of Halls into a shared student house with a decent-sized bedroom really can make all the difference to your perceived living space. Having enough space to comfortably live is important, especially as it’s been suggested that “putting people in tightly-packed living situations can affect their well-being”.

It’s not just the bedrooms that are more spacious in shared student houses either—the communal areas are usually much bigger too, with a proper lounge space and a kitchen worth cooking up a storm in!


You Get Outdoor Space Too!


5 Leopold Street Garden | Andrew Chell Student Homes

Our 5 Leopold Street house with south-facing garden + picnic bench is perfect for BBQs!


Ok, so it’s not like we’re living in the tropics where every weekend is BBQ weather, but when that day comes you’ll want a decent outdoor space so you and your uni mates can enjoy the weather properly!

Plus, having decent outdoor space at home means you don’t have to spend money in the pub just so you can sit in the beer garden—you can create your own!




After living in Halls, moving into a student house off-campus can have massive perks (especially if you’ve been in a particularly raucous Hall!)

Perk 1 – Your number of immediate neighbours is reduced from a couple hundred to around 20

This means less noise from said raucous Hall (or fewer people to disturb with your raucousness), more sleep (or more sleep for others), and an all-around more harmonious living arrangement.

Perk 2 – More freedom to do what you want, when you want

Living off-campus means fewer eyes (and ears) scrutinising your every move. In a shared house you’ll have more freedom to structure your day how you want to, you can eat when you want, sleep when you want and get up when you want (just remember that you still need to go to lectures!)

Perk 3 – Real-life experiences!

University Halls provide a great start to your uni life, but once your fresher year is done and dusted it’s on to the real-life experience! Moving into a shared student house is the next step in the growing-up game, and it’s where all the fun starts…


If you’re starting to think about your student accommodation for next year, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our Next Steps page for all the information you need about renting one of our 5-star rated student houses in the heart of the Loughborough Golden Triangle!


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