Uni Housemates – The Good, The Bad & The Annoying

Nothing like giving something a good pummeling to relive some exam tension

Deciding who to live with at uni – it may seem like the academic year has only just begun, but it’s never too early to start thinking about who you’re going to live with next year.



As a leading provider of student accommodation in Loughborough, we’ve seen our fair share of ‘housemate’ drama.

Choosing who to live with can, on the surface, seem like a pretty simple task but get it wrong and boy will you know about it!

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of students embark on their house shares full of confidence that they’ve made the right choice in their housemates.

We’re pleased to say that 95% of the time things go without a hitch, but sometimes personalities clash and things become… well, tense.

Feeling comfortable and relaxed in your ‘uni home’ is very important and who you choose to share your living space with can really make or break your uni experience.

Your university accommodation should be more than just a crash pad – it should be a home away from home. Somewhere comfortable where you can relax and feel free to be yourself; somewhere you can study in peace but also have fun, let your hair down and enjoy your free time too.

To avoid stress, heartache and an argument or two, it’s worth considering the following when deciding who to live with…


“He’s really into Heavy Metal… Like REALLY!”



Whilst loving heavy metal music is perfectly acceptable, a housemate playing it at full volume at midnight on a Wednesday evening when you’ve got a lecture at 9 AM the next day may not be in your eyes!

Differences in lifestyles and interests can lead to tensions, even if you’re living with your best mates.

During the first few months of university, we all make friends and form strong bonds with people very quickly… but that doesn’t mean you should immediately decide to live together!

Be honest about your interests and what you want out of a housemate before you make any final decisions. It’s better to not live with the friend who’s not going be a compatible housemate than risk ruining that friendship.


“Seriously, who keeps stealing my cheese?!”



We all have bad habits, some more than others, but it’s important to try and lay them out on the table with each other right from the get-go.

Nobody wants to be referred to as that ‘type’ of housemate that nobody wants to live with. Ultimately, we are all individuals with our own little foibles which we may not realise other people just might not GET!

At the end of the day, communication and tolerance are key.

Tolerate the little things, try not to blow things out of proportion, and if there’s something that’s really getting your goat, talk to your housemate about it before it gets out of control.


“If I have to have the same argument with you one more time I’m going to SCREAM!”



One thing you can be sure of when embarking on a house share at university is that, at some point, there will arguments.

For the most part, this is perfectly normal and to be expected from a group of people living under the same roof — just think back to the bickering that went on when you lived at home!

Compromise is vital for everyone’s sake, and sharing a house means sharing bills and housework, as well as space.

Make sure you have a frank and honest conversation with your potential ‘housies’ before you commit to living together.

What are your priorities? Think about what the most important traits in a housemate are for you and let one another decide if you fit the bill.


“She gets up at like 6 AM, EVERY DAY, and ALWAYS wants to chat to me”



We all know those people that are annoyingly chirpy in the mornings, whether they’ve been out ‘til 3 AM or not!

There is, of course, nothing wrong with being a morning person, but if you’re more of a night owl this may feel like your worst nightmare. You might want to think about whether you mind what time people go to sleep or wake up as a factor in your compatibility as housemates.

Equally, have a serious think about how much privacy you need. Some people are more than happy to leave their bedroom door open (and bathroom door for that matter!), but others may need their own space from time to time.

Having a conversation about this before you sign a contract will hopefully avoid any unwanted ‘oversharing’ from the more free-spirited housemates and keep hurt feelings at bay should you want to close your door for some ‘me’ time every now and again.


Our student houses are extremely popular and many will be booked up for next year before the end of this term!

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